Download Free Designs Free Websites Templates is a frontline online platform in Nigeria where you can HIRE a trained and professional driver within your preferred location for a permanent or one-off driving job.

So next time you are looking for a personal or company driver, or going on a family vacation, hanging out with your friends, going to the market, going on inter-state travels, don’t ask anyone else for a driver, ask us! We will provide you with reliable drivers whose brief is to get you to your destination in one piece USING YOUR VEHICLE.

With, the only thing you have to worry about when you hire one of our drivers is the availability of fuel in your vehicles. We already have their welfares taken care of as our staff; so you have one less thing to worry about. is powered by Delivery Day Nigeria Limited (, a registered company with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).


  • For any damages caused by any of our drivers to your vehicles as a result of recklessness or carelessness, we will fix the damage or pay for the repairs
  • The verification of our drivers background and that of the guarantors provided by each driver is outsourced to an investigation firm to allow for more objective scrutiny
  • Relevant insurance policies have been put in place especially those related to the burden of of our drivers' infidelity. Thus, protecting the vehicles of our clients
  • You are allowed to request for a change of driver attached to you within 48 hours at no extra cost
  • Our drivers are trained regularly by the company but evaluated for staffing and promotion by our clients through the quarterly performance appraisal forms
  • When you hire any of our drivers, you are dealing with a company, and not an individual, or the so-called agents. Therefore, we take absolute responsibility for our drivers’ behaviour; so you have one less thing to worry about
  • Our drivers’ disposition to work is very professional; always on their uniforms during work hours, and their ID cards are always attached to their uniforms
  • All our drivers are of legal driving age
  • As responsible citizens, all our drivers are taxed from their monthly income, thereby contributing to the growth of the economy
  • Saves you from unnecessary heartaches, impolite or rude disposition of the driver, as you can report any assigned driver’s wrongdoing to us and we’ll handle it accordingly
  • You can trust our drivers to pick up your toddlers and kids from anywhere in Lagos without fear or worry 

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