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Actually, it can only take a thief 10 seconds to steal your car or the valuables in it., Nigeria’s foremost online platform for hiring daily or monthly drivers shares 5 steps you can take to prevent your cars against theft. As you know, most car thefts are preventable only by taking the following simple, common sense and inexpensive steps:

  1. Always shut the windows and sunroof (especially when you’re in traffic), and keep all doors locked when you leave your car unattended
  2. Don’t make your belongings visible in the car. Hide or take with you any item that might attract other people’s attention
  3. If you can, always park in a busy, well-lit area and if possible leave your car within the CCTV lens, if there is any. Alternatively, look for car parks that are approved by the Police or government
  4. Don’t leave any valuable in your glove box (safe box) where you keep your car’s documents. Thieves will always check it first if they break into your car

5. Employ a trained and professional driver from a company offering such services. This way, your driver will have to stay in the car and ensure its protection, and if anything goes wrong due to the driver’s negligence, the company will take responsibility

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