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Witnessing an accident scene can be very scary. Accidents happen very quickly, and it can be very difficult to decide on what to do.

More often than not, you are gripped with fear, and this might freeze your courage to take helpful actions to assist those involved in the accident. Nigeria’s foremost online platform for hiring trained and professional drivers on a daily or monthly basis, outlines 4 steps you can take when you find yourself in such a situation.

Stop at the scene

All cars approaching an accident scene are required to stop, regardless of whether or not they know those who are involved. This helps to make sure everyone is fine, or at least render assistance to those who might be seriously injured.

Approaching an accident scene

It’s a good idea to use your hazard light to warn any approaching traffic of the accident. Your first priority is to check if anyone is injured, and if they are call the emergency lines. But avoid putting yourself or others in danger, and do not move any injured person unless the emergency services instruct you to do so. Instead, you can cover them with a blanket, and try to keep them warm until the emergency crew arrives.


Offer assistance

If you want to get out of your vehicle and help people involved in an accident, be sure it is safe to do so. Avoid smoking in case there is fuel spillage. Leave the scene exactly as it is and encourage others to do so.

Give a witness

Once law enforcement agencies arrive the scene, you might be required to give a witness account of what you saw as an impartial bystander.  Although you can decide not to give a witness account, however you might be persuaded to give a witness statement instead. If you will be giving a witness account, it is advisable that you take notes and pictures of the scene so that you can remember the details properly. Share your notes and pictures with the police first before sending to the popular Nigerian bloggers or any news outlet.






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