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Driving can be very fun, especially if you’re driving for the first time. But it’s more fun when you have a driver to assist with driving you around. Whether you’re driving yourself or you have a personal driver, you must know these 5 uncommon traffic offenses in Nigeria. shares 5 unpopular traffic offenses that Nigerians commit almost every day. They are unpopular because not too many people know that they are punishable offenses as stipulated by the revised Nigerian Highway Code.

Corrupting a marshal on duty

It is actually an offense to offer a marshal money on duty to cover up for an offense. The best thing to do is to follow the marshal to the nearest station for your case to be legally handled. So when next a marshal stops you for fake driver’s license or expired tyres, do not talk him into collecting money (bribe) so as to let you go. Doing that will only worsen your case.

Smoking or eating while driving

We see people smoke and eat while driving almost every day. But we never knew it was a crime to engage in these two activities while driving. What’s not clear here is if snacking constitutes eating while driving. But how come marshals haven’t arrested anyone for eating & driving? We can only assume that more attention is on driving and using mobile phones than on this law.

Failure to signal when changing lanes, making a turn or pulling in front of another vehicle

This is by far the most common offense in Nigeria, especially Lagos. And the offenders go unpunished. We are all guilty of this particular offense. Nobody can lay claim to signaling every single time you want to change lanes, or make a U-turn in front of another vehicle. If you do that all the time, then you’re a super duper good driver.

Rejection of accident victims by hospital medical personnel

We have heard stories of how some medical personnel rejected accident victims either because no one was able to make advance payment or because the victims were almost as good as dead. Surprisingly, it is actually an offense for hospital medical personnel to reject accident victims. So next time you witness an accident and you rush the victims to a nearby hospital, impress it upon them that on no account should they reject accident victims.

Driving with one hand

It is a sign of confidence and swag to see people drive with one hand in Lagos. For God’s sake, how many young people drive with two hands on the steering these days? It’s so uncommon. But as our law says, it is a traffic offense to drive using one hand. Your two hands must be on the steering wheel. So, next time you see a fellow road user driving with one hand, call the marshals on him.

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