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  • What is + is a frontline online platform in Nigeria where you can HIRE a trained and professional driver within your preferred location for a permanent or one-off driving job. So next time you are looking for a personal or company driver, or going on a family vacation, hanging out with your friends, going to the market, going on inter-state travels, don’t ask anyone else for a driver, ask us!
  • How do I make use of this service? +

    Go to the Homepage, click on the ‘Package’ icon and choose a package that best suits your needs. Submit your details using the ‘Sign Up’ icon if you haven’t registered. And if you are a registered member, use the ‘Sign In’ icon to request for a driver. One of our client service teams will get in touch with you almost immediately.
  • How much does this service cost? +

    Our rates are very affordable; there is no such thing as a flat rate. Our services are tailored to suit your specific needs. To find out the cost of each package and the services under it, please click on the package of choice, submit your request, and our client service team will get back to you almost immediately.
  • How do I pay for this service? +

    Depending on your choice of package, payment for this service is pre-paid. The company’s policy doesn’t allow payments after the service is offered (postpaid). In the meantime, payment can be made through direct transfer to the company’s bank account. The bank details can be provided by our client service & customer care team.
  • What if I don’t feel the need for the service anymore and I have made payment? +

    We will refund you the balance of your payment after subtracting the cost of transfer from your payment, on the basis that our driver has not been deployed to your location. However, if our driver was already en route to your location before you terminated the request, we would charge you 20% of your payment in addition to the cost of transfer.
  • Can your driver take me to multiple destinations? +

    Our drivers can take you to as many destinations as possible, as long as these destinations were included in your request. However, if a single route map was what you requested, our drivers are under obligation, according to the company’s policy, to stick by your request. Our drivers will not perform any function that is against the company’s policy.
  • What if I want your driver to perform other duties not related to driving? +

    As a policy driven company, we are totally against our clients using our drivers to perform other duties that are not primarily driving. Our drivers are bound by the company’s policy not to perform any duties that are unrelated to driving.
  • Why should I trust your driver with my vehicle? +

    As a company, our recruitment and selection process is very thorough. We do not employ a driver whose background has not been verified. In addition, each driver is employed on the provision of three referees, whose home and office addresses are with the company.
  • What happens if a driver is confirmed to have stolen any of my valuables? +

    Upon confirmation and proof that this is true following extensive investigations, the company will refund the value of the item, or repurchase the valuable and return to client. Our drivers are covered under the Fidelity Bond insurance policy, which ensures that properties of clients are protected in case of drivers’ infidelity.
  • What if insurance doesn’t cover the damage on an item? +

    Once we are notified of a damage item, we will send out a person to inspect and repair the item. If the item cannot be repaired, we will replace the item. The homeowner can also choose cash replacement equal to the value of the damaged item. This process will take 15 to 30 days. (Please note that if we replace or pay for damage, we will retain the old item.)
  • Am I allowed to instill discipline in a driver just to keep him in check? +

    No, you are not allowed to do so. Our drivers are protected against any form of domestic violence, verbal, sexual or emotional assaults, as contained in the company’s policy. If you find any of our drivers falling short of your expectation, kindly notify the company, and appropriate action will be taken to readjust the drivers in line with the company’s Punishment & Discipline Act for Drivers. However, as our client, you are empowered to help us determine which driver is/is not worth keeping through the quarterly appraisal system which is expected to be carried out every 3 months of working with any of our drivers.
  • Will a driver be replaced when he is sick or unavoidably absent from work? +

    Yes. We will deploy another driver to your home/organisation once our driver notifies us of his/her circumstance. This substitution will come at no extra cost. The redeployment will happen before the incumbent driver vacates your premises. However, the substitute will perform the same duties covered under your package.
  • Can I take my driver out on shopping, or shower him with gifts? +

    You are at liberty to do so but within reasonable limits. Our company policy is not against gifting either from the driver to the client or vice versa however, each driver is expected to inform the company of such gifts for record purpose. Once such record is appropriately filed, we will however confirm from the client if such gift was truly bequeathed to the driver. We will in no way deprive the driver of such gift as long as the client agrees with the claim.
  • At the expiration of my contract, can I retain the driver as my personal employee? +

    No, this is totally against the company’s policy. All our current and prospective clients are advised to thoroughly go through our policies. In addition, our drivers have a contractual relationship with the company. At the expiration of the contract, each driver can choose either to continue with the company or work directly with a client.
  • What if a driver becomes romantically linked with my wife or husband or any member of my family? +

    Our drivers have signed the ‘Non Conjugal’ form which puts them under oath not to be romantically linked with any member of the family they are attached to while their contract with the company is still active. Punishment resulting from violating the oath is contained in the Punishment & Discipline Act for Drivers. However, we implore you to also keep an eye on your spouse, or any member of your family. Our drivers perform strictly driving duties; we encourage you not to transfer your marital duties to them, or have them perform certain duties alone with you in the privacy of your room. If you notice any strange behaviour, please alert us immediately, and we will be quick to take necessary actions.
  • Can I send your driver to perform a driving job for my friend/relative? +

    Only if you’re going to be there with the driver. We will neither be responsible for whatever happens between our driver and your friend/relative nor will we take any legal action against our driver in case of any fall out. Our contract only covers our clients and does not extend to third parties.
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