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(i) The right to punish or discipline a driver for any wrongdoings or complaints filed by a client is the prerogative of Delivery Day (please refer to our Punishment & Discipline Act for Drivers (A11i))

(ii) All wrongdoings or mistakes committed by a driver during the discharge of his duties are expected to be properly filed through the account manager assigned to the client

(iii) Clients are not permitted to mete out any form of punishments to any of the company’s drivers attached to them. Doing so will be considered as physical assault, which might lead to taking legal actions against such client

Physical/Verbal Assault

(i) Shoving, hitting, dragging, yelling, cursing, ear-pulling, hair-dragging, and others constitute physical and verbal assaults. Clients are not permitted to assault our drivers in any of the above-mentioned ways, or those not expressly stated herein

(ii) Our company takes seriously protection of the rights and dignity of our employees, and frowns at violation of such rights

Sexual Harassment

(i) The act of soliciting sexual intercourse from any of our employees, or vice versa is highly prohibited

(ii) No client should pressurize, coerce or threaten any of our employees for sex. No employee should lure or seduce any of our clients into bed

(iii) Employees and clients should avoid false accusation of rape or attempted rape; such must be supported with proof

(iv) In an instance where any of our employees is willing to go to bed with client in secret, we strongly advise that the client should say NO, and report such an employee to the company, and vice versa

(v) If a client’s spouse is not doing well or keeping up with his/her sexual obligations, we advise the couple to sit and talk about it, instead of finding comfort or help in the arms of any of our drivers

Choice of Driver

Our company employs people from different tribes, languages, cultures and backgrounds. We view all our employees as equal. We are a fair employer of labour. You are at liberty to choose your preferred tribe. If we are unable to provide the tribe of your choice, we will work at matching you with the closest tribe. However, all our drivers are of the legal driving age.


(i) As a company, we encourage the act of gifting, either from clients to our employees, or vice versa

(ii) But our employees are required to file a report on any purchased items received from a client as gifts. The purpose of the documentation is not to dispossess the employee of such gift; rather it is to protect such employee in the future should the client claim that the items were stolen, and not bequeathed

(iii) Once the employee documents the gift, the company will investigate the claim, and if found to be genuine, the employee will continue to be in possession of such gifts

Retention of Employees

We are totally against any of our clients retaining any of our employees as his/her employees. However, a client can ONLY hire our employee directly after the employee’s contract has expired with our company, and such employee has decided not to renew. However, we will not take responsibility for such an employee or oblige to be involved or helpful in managing any issues that might arise.

Marital Duties

Our drivers perform chauffeuring functions ONLY. Clients are advised not to transfer their marital duties to them, or have them perform certain duties alone with an opposite gender in the privacy of their rooms.

Quarterly Appraisals

(i) As part of our staffing and retention process, clients are encouraged to conduct a quarterly appraisal (review) of a driver attached to such client

(ii) The client’s review makes up 80% of the employee’s ratings, and will determine to a very large extent if the employee would be retained as a staff of the company. An appraisal form will be given to client to fill few weeks to the completion of the employee’s 3-month stay with the client

(iii) Beyond helping to decide who to staff or not, the appraisal will also determine who to include on other incentives made available by the company such as 13th month salary, promotions, bonus, increment in salary etc.

Scope of Work

Duties that are not captured in the agreement between our company and the client will not be performed by our drivers, even if such duties are related to their primary duties. As long as they are not part of the contract signed with a client, our drivers are no under obligation to perform them.

Right of Redeployment

Our clients are at the heart of our business. Therefore, we have made a two-way provision for redeploying any of our drivers:

(i) First, a client reserves the right to ask for a redeployment of a driver attached to him/her if such client becomes uncomfortable or irritated by the driver. Or perhaps the two can’t just get along for some reasons. We will action such request within 48-hour upon receipt. However, this request can only be honored just thrice/year

(ii) Second, the company also reserves the right to redeploy a driver within 48-hour of notice to client for similar or other genuine reasons. Unlike the client, the company can make these changes as often as the circumstances demand.


Payment for our driving service can only be done using any of these three options:

(i) annual payment (attracts 15% discount)

(ii) bi-annual payment (attracts 10% discount)

(iii) monthly payment (beginning of every month): Our company does not accept postpaid payment from individuals. Also, payment for Our services is also prepaid. However, there must be confirmation of payment before any of our drivers can leave the company premises. Payment can be made through direct transfer to the company’s bank account. Details will be provided upon request.

Right of Refund

No refund can be made once payment is received. However, the payment will remain in the client’s account for a period of 3-month, after which it becomes the company’s property. However, if a client has made payment for driving services and he/she wishes to cancel the request after payment has been made, we will refund you the balance of your payment after subtracting the cost of transfer from your payment, on the basis that our driver has not been deployed to your location. However, if our driver was already en route to your location before you terminated the request, we would charge you 20% of your payment in addition to the cost of transfer.

Third Party Benefit

If a client chose to send our driver to assist a relative or friend, we would recommend that the client accompanies and stays with the driver. We will neither be responsible for whatever happens between our driver and your friend/relative nor will any legal action be taken against our driver in case of any fall out. Our contract only covers our clients and does not extend to third parties. However, the client would be held solely responsible for whatever happens during the transaction.

Casual Leave

When a driver falls ill and it becomes established that he cannot carry out his duties anymore; or the driver has reasons to be absent from work, the company will redeploy another driver to your home/organization to replace the employee. However, this will come at no extra cost.

*Our POLICY can be updated as at when due

Also read our Punishment & Discipline Act

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